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MakerBrace Orthotic

Assistive Technology + Digital Fabrication


MakerBrace Orthotic


Low cost orthotic design and fabrication for children at NYU Langone Medical, in collaboration with CHIDS, the NYU Ability Project, and the NYU MakerSpace

Test Prototypes

Test Prototypes


We began this project by printing and testing a number of prosthetics and orthotics currently available, including E-nable and the Airy exoskeleton. 

Due to patients' needs, we focused on the elbow driven model. The Airy exoskeleton uses a combination of 3D printing and traditional splint making techniques to achieve it's form. We received splinting lessons to better understand the process of forming material directly on a patient.  


Splinting Lesson

Experiments with Splinting Technique

Experiments with 3D Scanning

At this time we also began experimenting with 3D scanning as an alternative to thermoforming. 


Orthotic Components 

brace parts.jpg

The Hinge

We found traditional hinges didn't allow for enough range of motion. We experimented with a number of different forms and materials and eventually arrived at a vinyl hose, reinforced with bungee. 

Vinyl tube and bungee allow for a wide of motion and are rigid enough to maintain the position of the upper arm cuff.

Current hinge design includes rigid, PLA connectors and vinyl tubing reenforced with bungie cord.

Current hinge design includes rigid, PLA connectors and vinyl tubing reenforced with bungie cord.

The Fingers

The most difficult element of this orthotic is the finger piece, as it must be small, accurate, flexible, and strong.  

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 10.35.12 PM.png

We began working with a plate that fit on top of the fingers and caps that connected the finger tips to the cables. We are currently testing a single, four-fingered ring that will pull all for fingers up at once. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-02 at 10.36.43 PM.png

The Forearm


Gui-Hui Liu, Maggie Shao, Ryan Ho Ming Chan, Jessica Si, Vy-linh Gale, Sicheng Zhao, Andy Garcia  

The Fabriction Team