Gabriella Cammarata
Industrial Designer & Strategist

Charter Spectrum Accessibility

Interaction Design + Accessibility


NYU Ability Project worked with Charter Spectrum and NYC Media Lab to research universal design and accessibility in home entertainment. 

Charter Spectrum Accessibility



The project included a white paper, accessibility audit, recommendations for a redesign of the interface, and recommendations for managing metadata. The platforms we evaluated were the set top box and remote, Roku, Xbox, website, and both the Android and Apple mobile apps.

I led the redesign of the physical interface. This involved getting user feedback in order to identify and analyze the current strengths and weaknesses. I also planned and facilitated an exercise in which prospective users built their own remote control mock-ups. Through this exercise I was able to gain information about the features they used the most and where expected to find them.

For the digital interface, we restructured the HTML code to function with screen readers and created a uniform layout across all platforms.



Rhinoceros, JAWS, Voice Over, HTML 


I started by evaluating the accessibility options currently available on the set-top box

Claire Kearney-Volpe, Shannon Holloway, Olivia Maria Cabello Gorchs, Serena Parr, Paul Arthur Myers, Lauren Baff

The Team