Gabriella Cammarata
Industrial Designer & Strategist


In 2017 I explored different ways to interact with Emily Dickinson’s poems.

AR + The Gorgeous Nothings 

My aim was to give the user a window through time that allows them to see and interact with history. I used Unity and Vuforia SDK to show the poems of Emily Dickinson on envelopes and small scraps of paper, as she wrote them. I used the book “The Gorgeous Nothings” as reference. 

This was my first experience with AR or Unity. I found the process very simple and straightforward until it was time to upload the app/interaction to my phone (it took days to figure it out and in the end, i am not sure why it finally worked). I also experimented with different targets. My original plan was to use actual envelopes and have the poems appear directly on them but the shape wasn't distinctive enough. For my first test I created markers with images that are loosely tied to the poems themselves. I didn't like the idea of illustrating the poems, however so I used diagrams from "The Gorgeous Nothings." Though it isn't exactly a window through time, the printout and the app allow people to see Dickinson's original poem's without buying a big, expensive book. This could be a nice way of enhancing worksheet in schools or even posters.

Interactive Poems with p5.js