Gabriella Cammarata
post-industrial designer


Interdisciplinary + International


Design for digital fabrication and accessibility


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Gabriella recently completed her master’s in Integrated Digital Media from NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Along with her a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, she has worked in both product and graphic design, ranging from toy design to tech. After graduating from the Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design in 2012, she went on to work in design companies in the US and Italy. Her current work explores the fabrication of power objects through computational design, digital fabrication, and genetic data.  


My Process: Evidence based, Iterative Design




I begin every project by examining the problem as is it explained in the design brief, or the “presenting problem”. This process involves interviewing the client in order to construct a clear picture of their current circumstances, beliefs related to the project, and expectations for the results.


In the research and analysis phase I broaden my focus and begin digging into the topic at hand. This process includes interviewing stakeholders and potential users as well as filling any knowledge gaps related to the problem.


With my findings and takeaways from the research phase, I begin the prototyping cycle. This is an iterative process that bridges the research and delivery phases. In the beginning of this phase, I use prototypes to test my assumptions with potential users. As I gain a deeper understanding for the situation, the prototypes begin to take the form of the final product.


When the prototypes are reliably satisfying the needs of the users, I preparing the product to be delivered.