Gabriella Cammarata
interaction designer

Copy of MakerBrace Orthotic

Assistive Technology + Digital Fabrication

MakerBrace Orthotic


Low cost orthotic design and fabrication for children at NYU Langone Medical, in collaboration with CHIDS, the NYU Ability Project, and the NYU MakerSpace


The challenge we were presented with….

The Challenge


Splinting, Current Solutions


We decided to address this problem by…

The Concept


Photos of old braces and testing videos - process


My role evolved along with the project itself …

My Role


The iterative design process was essential to this project…

Research & Prototyping


We were able to design and fabricate a reliable, functioning brace that is currently being used in clinical trials.

The Results

brace parts.jpg

The Team

Victoria Bill, Gui-Hui Liu, Maggie Shao, Ryan Ho Ming Chan, Jessica Si, Vy-linh Gale, Sicheng Zhao, Andy Garcia